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Dining Room Furniture

Within this section, you will find Dining Room Furniture that is manufactured to high standards from a variety of sustainably sourced woods, such as Oak or Ash, and Mango wood. Our styles range from Modern and Contemporary furniture in light oak and Rustic oak to ranges that are constructed from Ash and Mango wood, all of which will suit modern and traditional homes. If you are looking for painted furniture in white, grey, ivory and truffle with an oak top, we have those too. You can choose from over 100 dining tables with matching and complimentary chairs, sideboards, and other quality items to complete the look of your dining room. Links to: living room furniture and bedroom furniture

Aspects of dining room design

When you choose the right furniture for your dining room, your pieces can form the framework that you build everything else around. Like any other great art, design is about stimulating an emotional response. Unlike most art, it also has a practical dimension. Whatever you choose to work with, it has to make sense for your lifestyle needs. Your furniture needs to look natural, stylish and like it’s the perfect fit. At Oak Furniture, we have 13 years’ worth of expertise in finding the right pieces for unique spaces.

All good dining room design starts with a process of enquiry. What do you want your room to be used for? What space do you have to work with? What colours do you like? Do you have any pieces or décor that you already know will be a part of the finished look?

Once you know the answers to questions like these, it narrows down the options until you get a perfect table and set of chairs. Next, you might choose to add other pieces like a dresser, storage unit or bookcases to give the room that underlying consistency that underpins a lot of good design.


Whether you have a large space you need to fill or a small space you need to maximise, Oak Furniture can offer you a table that meets your needs. We have smaller sizes where you can get cosy with loved ones as well as grand, large tables that allow you to put on a show for lots of guests. Our extending table range also offers you the opportunity to flit between sizes.

Take time to imagine yourself using the room so you can accurately assess your needs and those of anyone else that shares the space.


At Oak Furniture, we offer a range of woods and finishes so that you can find the right piece to fit in with your colour scheme. Natural wood is stylistically versatile and can offer a contrasting or complementary look to any theme from rustic chic to modern. However, we also offer painted finishes if you want something a bit different.

The important thing is how you want to feel in your space. Whatever response you’re going for, you can find the furniture that gets you there with Oak Furniture.