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  • 1A Cotswold

    1A Cotswold

  • 1B Mull Mustard

    1B Mull Mustard

  • 1C Arran Mustard

    1C Arran Mustard

  • 1D Mull Ocean

    1D Mull Ocean

  • 1E Arran Ocean

    1E Arran Ocean

  • 1F Mull Latte

    1F Mull Latte

  • 1G Arran Latte

    1G Arran Latte

  • 2A Orkney Claret

    2A Orkney Claret

  • 2B Orkney Dove Grey

    2B Orkney Dove Grey

  • 2D Shetland Mercury

    2D Shetland Mercury

  • 2E Shetland Nickel (Discontinued)

    2E Shetland Nickel (Discontinued)

  • 2G Glitz Pewter

    2G Glitz Pewter

  • 3AS Check Steel

    3AS Check Steel

  • 3AT Stripe Steel

    3AT Stripe Steel

  • 2K Ash

    2K Ash

  • 2L Moss

    2L Moss

  • 2M Aegean

    2M Aegean


  • 2AUB Luxor Aubergine

    2AUB Luxor Aubergine

  • 2BLO Luxor Blonde

    2BLO Luxor Blonde

  • 2CER Luxor Cerise

    2CER Luxor Cerise

  • 2CIN Luxor Cinnamon

    2CIN Luxor Cinnamon

  • 2COP Luxor Copper

    2COP Luxor Copper

  • 2DOL Luxor Dolphin

    2DOL Luxor Dolphin

  • 2HE Luxor Elephant

    2HE Luxor Elephant

  • 2IA Luxor Artichoke

    2IA Luxor Artichoke

  • 2J Luxor Cyan

    2J Luxor Cyan

  • 2MARI Luxor Marigold

    2MARI Luxor Marigold

  • 2PAC Luxor Pacific

    2PAC Luxor Pacific

  • 2SEA Luxor Sea Foam

    2SEA Luxor Sea Foam

  • 2SMO Luxor Smoke

    2SMO Luxor Smoke

  • 2TEM Luxor Tempest (Discontinued)

    2TEM Luxor Tempest (Discontinued)

  • 2TOB Luxor Tobacco

    2TOB Luxor Tobacco

  • 2TUR Luxor Turquoise

    2TUR Luxor Turquoise


  • 3L Cerato Brown

    3L Cerato Brown

  • 3Z Cerato Black

    3Z Cerato Black

  • 3CG Cerato Grey

    3CG Cerato Grey

  • 3M Cerato Red

    3M Cerato Red

  • 3N Cerato Gold

    3N Cerato Gold

  • 3Y Matera Oliato

    3Y Matera Oliato


  • 3A Hetton Mulberry

    3A Hetton Mulberry

  • 3AE Herringbone Mallard

    3AE Herringbone Mallard

  • 3AF Herringbone Thistle

    3AF Herringbone Thistle

  • 3AG Herringbone Moss

    3AG Herringbone Moss

  • 3AI Ilkley Green

    3AI Ilkley Green

  • 3AJ Ilkley Natural

    3AJ Ilkley Natural

  • 3AL Aberdeen Sage

    3AL Aberdeen Sage

  • 3AM Aberdeen Peat

    3AM Aberdeen Peat

  • 3AO Ilkley Purple

    3AO Ilkley Purple

  • 3AX Huntingtower Celestial

    3AX Huntingtower Celestial

  • 3B Settle Lime

    3B Settle Lime

  • 3BA Ilkley Natural/Green

    3BA Ilkley Natural/Green

  • 3BB Elgar Sandstone

    3BB Elgar Sandstone

  • 3BC Herringbone Pebble

    3BC Herringbone Pebble

  • 3BD Elgar Cardamon

    3BD Elgar Cardamon

  • 3BG Herringbone Dune

    3BG Herringbone Dune

  • 3BH Herringbone Mustard

    3BH Herringbone Mustard

  • 3BI Harrogate Plaid Nat/Green

    3BI Harrogate Plaid Nat/Green

  • 3BJ Ilkey Col 2 Grey/Black

    3BJ Ilkey Col 2 Grey/Black

  • 3BK Elgar Pewter

    3BK Elgar Pewter

  • 3BL Elgar Granite

    3BL Elgar Granite

  • 3B0 Harrogate Plaid Grey/Black

    3B0 Harrogate Plaid Grey/Black

  • 3C Settle Fawn 

    3C Settle Fawn 

  • 3CA Glencoe Grey/Lilac

    3CA Glencoe Grey/Lilac

  • 3CB Glenderry Teal

    3CB Glenderry Teal

  • 3D Gosford Grape (Discontinued)

    3D Gosford Grape (Discontinued)

  • 3E Skye Dark Old Gold

    3E Skye Dark Old Gold

  • 3F Stoneham Old Gold

    3F Stoneham Old Gold

  • 3G Jasper Old Gold

    3G Jasper Old Gold

  • 3H Jasper Natural

    3H Jasper Natural

  • 3I Jasper Red

    3I Jasper Red

  • 3J Aberdeen Sea

    3J Aberdeen Sea

  • 3K Stoneham Natural

    3K Stoneham Natural

Harris Tweeds

  • 3HTP Moorland

    3HTP Moorland

  • 4A Huntsman Check Grey

    4A Huntsman Check Grey

  • 4B Herringbone Slate Grey

    4B Herringbone Slate Grey

  • 4C Houndstooth Slate Grey

    4C Houndstooth Slate Grey

  • 4D Huntsman Ocean

    4D Huntsman Ocean

  • 4E Herringbone Ocean

    4E Herringbone Ocean

  • 4F Houndstooth Ocean

    4F Houndstooth Ocean

  • 4G Huntsman Mountain

    4G Huntsman Mountain

  • 4H Herringbone Mountain

    4H Herringbone Mountain

  • 4I Houndstooth Mountain

    4I Houndstooth Mountain

  • 4J Huntsman Winter Wheat

    4J Huntsman Winter Wheat

  • 4K Herringbone Winter Wheat

    4K Herringbone Winter Wheat

  • 4L Houndstooth Wheat

    4L Houndstooth Wheat

  • 4M Huntsman Burnt Umber

    4M Huntsman Burnt Umber

  • 4N Herringbone Burnt Umber

    4N Herringbone Burnt Umber

  • 4O Houndstooth Burnt Umber

    4O Houndstooth Burnt Umber

  • 4P Huntsman Peatland

    4P Huntsman Peatland

  • 4Q Herringbone Peatland

    4Q Herringbone Peatland

  • 4R Houndstooth Peatland

    4R Houndstooth Peatland